Intake staff members are available to answer questions regarding providers, programs, accepted insurance, or any other inquiries over the phone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at 1-954-642-1781.

Our phone service can also assess the type of care you might need, and provide assistance with scheduling your first visit.

We only provide services for adults 18 and older. Family members may call for information or provide details, but the client must call to schedule for individual counseling. If marital or family counseling is desired, only one adult attendee needs to call to schedule.


If you need a service we do not provide at this time, we will attempt to give courtesy referrals if available. At this time we are unable to schedule first-time appointments in person at our clinic. Please utilize our phone number for completing the intake process.

Making an Appointment – 2 Options

During the first intake call, we will spend 5-10 minutes with you gathering specific concerns and reasons for coming in. This helps us make appropriate matches with a counselor.

Credit or debit card details are kept secure and will be used to charge the co-payment of your sessions.  Click the button below to fill out your credit or debit card details so we can provide you with a date, time, and video link for your first appointment. The password to open the form is XB345

Option 1: Pay as you Go

Reduced fees for counseling sessions may be available for those who are uninsured. “Pay as you go” is the plan most clients without insurance use, which is the payment of all sessions by credit or debit card.

Because you will be receiving therapeutic advice during your first counseling session with a therapist, the cost without insurance for this consultation visit for an individual is $75 (and $125 for a couple). You will have the opportunity to arrange further sessions with your therapist if needed.

Option 2: Pay with your Insurance

Appointments will vary depending on your schedule and payment information verified with your insurance network. All information received over the phone is confidential and placed in your clinical file if you become a client.

Our insurance department will check your mental health benefits and provide an estimate of coverage to you before your scheduled appointment. Please have your insurance card accessible at the time of your initial call.

If we are not contracted with your insurance plan, you can choose to pay out of pocket (see Option 1), and we will give you a coded receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We accept most credit and debit cards.